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Heading out in Style    30/JUL/2012
I am a surefire brand patriot!

All the Answers to Natural Health    25/OCT/2011
And none of the kickback-happy rubbish that appears to pervade most of the medical industry and indeed the world.
Yo! I am totally lovin' this guy's work right now. If you wanna live longer and healthier, it seems the best way is to make sure you get moderate daily sun-exposure and particularly for stronger teeth - believe it or not, this has nothing to do with Ripley's lol... check it out...

Watch out Governments of the world, particularly those who have adopted water fluoridation.
You are in for a real ride explaining why you won't stop adding waste from aluminium-smeltering to our cities' drinking water supplies. The only logical conclusion an intelligent person can make, with so much evidence weighed AGAINST the practice, and particularly when there are no answers other than, "it reduces dental cavities," is that some individual in authority, is receiving some kind of financial or social BENEFIT from mass-medicating the ENTIRE population with fluoride. What else could be the case?

Jump into the LANGUAGE OF DANCE    24/JAN/2010 is the new dance phenomonon - help us create a Worldwide Language of Dance
For professionals and amateur dancers alike, the new dance phenomenon has arrived! It's been two years in development and deployment on the World Wide Web, so that dancers of all kinds, all cultures, can connect through the Wide World of Dance. Help us to create a Worldwide Language of Dance that all people can use to communicate on dancefloors all across the globe. Let's unite the world, and tackle social problems like Obesity head-on! is the brainchild of one great dude, Craig "Bangers" Bailey, and the 1s and 0s taken care of by my digital engineering company - it is the biggest digital endeavour I have ever had the pleasure of working on. So I encourage you to take a look at now!! Share your dance moves with your friends and earn rewards-style treasure points for voting HOT or NOT on dance videos. Facebookers will enjoy the fact we've packaged the voting system into a Facebook app called My Move - take a look now at - and Dance like you've never danced before! Show the world what you're made of :)
What an awesome way
Do you LODance? Well, that might indeed be a silly question coz if you dance at all then you know, Dance is all about conveying a message to your audience - one, full of emotion and maybe some real good attitude too! On the 19th of January 2010 I was privileged to represent at the Knowledge of Dance workshop in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, run by well known dance-industry talents, Ben Veitch, Amy Campbell and Jesse Rasmussen. OMG are those guys awesome or what!? They make complex dance sequences look like a walk in the park… but that is so NOT true! Their ability to connect with, and encourage the attending dancers was brilliant. Their break-down of the moves for each sequence was incredible and enlightening. Their approaches were so encouraging I found myself bopping to the music and cheering the young dancers on as they came to grips with some of the concepts and talents required to "make it" in the highly competitive dance industry. It darn nearly broke the backs of the young eager dancers, but they fought on throughout the gruelling schedule and walked away with a complete sense of self-satisfaction and great reward., along with Gold Coast City Council, sponsored the two day KOD workshop.
Awerealis is GONE… um, I mean HERE!    01/JAN/2010
Debut single GONE treats the modern day fact that just about everyone has had one of those days where enough was just about enough!!
It's been a long two years, these past two years, slaving away at my computer writing back-end code for websites of all kinds. It's been to make the dosh, and find the spare time to develop first my demo EP which was released in December 2008, and furthermore get working on my upcoming album release Meltdown. So I'm pleased right now to announce that the GONE music video is now live on YouTube! It was an immense effort, and I would like to express my dear thanks to all those who helped me get to this point… Lance, Daniel, Angie, Liz, Craig and Matthew, you guys, thanks awesomely for helping me get this done and dusted. You have all earned yourselves royalties on the Gone CD Single of between 4% and 15% for your contributions. Now, all we have to do is SELL it lol. Is there anyone out there who would like to invest a few grand in helping me print and distribute the single? I'd also like some help with mixing the rest of the album tracks, any takers? And finally I am after a digital percussionist (drummer), rhythm motivator (bass player), and a melodic magician (keyboardist)… anyone interested in playing great music with me?
Help Reforest the Earth    24/DEC/2009
It's probably the only sensible solution to global warming.
I have noticed a huge desire, out of the United States, to proove that Global Warming is a Hoax. As such, when Russian Hackers purportedly broke into British government computers, stealing a stack of emails, and found "evidence" that our authorities have been lying to us about Global Warming, I just had to stand back a moment and take a real good look at the situation. First of all, my belief is that Global Warming is not essentially the fault of human progess, but part of a natural cycle of our planet… that's not to say our activities of late are not contributing to the lack of rainfall and increase in snowfall in particular regions of the world. Of course there just HAS to be some kind of impact when the world population has about doubled in just 20 years. To believe we are not at least partially at fault, or to ignore the fact that Global Warming is happening altogether is frighteningly naïve. If you ask me, it's time tostart putting back some of the trees we have greedily chopped down in the name of progress and economic growth. If you don't agree with this, then I pity you. Lastly, if you believe that Russian Hackers care about the rest of the world enough to steal these government emails from Britain, and release them to the USA, then you must also believe that the COLD WAR is over… I believe nothing could be further from the truth. You want to help, right? Please plant a tree or two this year, and every year thereafter.